Whether you are planning for the future or in need of immediate funding, James Phillips & Co can advise on the options available to help pay for care and assist you in minimising the impact of long term fees.

Future Planning
Taking into account your current assets and personal circumstances we can recommend investment plans with the aim of maximising your funds to provide future income.

An advantage of investing for income is that you can retain ownership of all of your capital. This is particularly relevant when planning for a future event, which may not necessarily happen.


Are available that allow you to nominate a capital sum for the ultimate benefit of your chosen beneficiaries whilst giving you the opportunity to withdraw amounts every 12 months to meet the Care Home fees.

Immediate Provision
We will discuss your options with you and your family or representatives before calculating how best to produce the income required from the resources available.

By reference to the resident’s medical condition and expected longevity we will calculate the fees likely to be paid over their lifetime and compare these with the cost of buying a care insurance plan.

A care insurance plan gives peace of mind, and can provide real value for money. However, there are alternatives, which include the option of investing the premium you may have paid and withdrawing the fees from it.

Which route you choose will depend on your individual circumstances and it maybe that a combination of insurance and investment suits your needs? In all cases we can advise, recommend and implement the necessary vehicles to meet your aim.

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